Lynn E. Clevenger

Lynn Clevenger- Travel Consultant

Lynn Clevenger- Travel Consultant

My moto is “What’s on your Bucket List?” My job is to give you the best value for your money for your dream vacation. With my past travel, work experience, and knowledge as a travel professional, I work with my clients to give them the best I can offer. Also, if you encounter any problem while on vacation, you have someone to call.

My travel started in 1971 working for the Army in Vietnam for one year. During off-times, I traveled to most Asian countries. The following year I worked on a cruise ship in the Middle East and took Christians on pilgrimages all over the Mediterranean Sea. The following 5 years I was a flight attendant for Trans International Airlines and flew worldwide. After my first child was born, I worked office jobs consisting of both air and cruise reservations. I also worked for Morris Air for 2 years in customer service. I have also spent time working as an independent contractor and outside sales person for 2 agencies.

With these experiences, I have acquired about 10 years in the travel industry and can give you the professional quality experience you can always expect at Sierra Travel Group.

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