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Pat Waller Travel AgentHi to all you fellow travelers. My name is Pat Waller and I have been in the travel business for over 15 years starting with 2 years of travel classes. I would like to help you decide on the perfect vacation spot whether by yourself of with others in a group. I have experience in finding the right trip for both individuals and groups, assisting them with air travel, car rental, hotels, tours, cruises, rail travel and even dive packages.

My husband and I moved to the foothills of California 15 years ago when we retired and just prior to moving to Austin, Texas area in 2015. We have  traveled extensively to all 50 states plus Australia, New Zealand, Fiji the Tahitian Islands, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Europe, South and Central America, Baltic Sea and Russia areas, China and Thailand. Cruises are my specialty along with setting up pre and post cruise tours in the areas of the cruises. I have traveled much of the world on a cruise ship myself and can help you find the right one for you. I also have been trained in all the Disney products and have arranged vacations for families using all of them. I also have experience with all other aspects of traveling and can help you decide on travel plans to form a group, like a family reunion or set up your own travel to experience a new place. I continue to attend seminars and trainings on various destinations because the whole world is a fascinating adventure to me and I want to experience all I can.

Please contact me if I can help you plan an adventure too.

Call me at 512-599-5440or e-mail me at

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