Vicky Cummings

Vicky Cummings

In my opinion, cruising is the ideal way to travel. It’s both stress-free and luxurious, and the destination possibilities are endless. When you’re aboard a luxury cruise liner, you can set your sights on the open ocean and just imagine the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead of you. Within a few days, you will have seen exotic and mesmerizing locations and created memories that will last a lifetime.

For the last 7 years, I have enjoyed working with my clients and helping to make their vacation dreams come true.

I specialize in booking:
• Cruises — Cruises appeal to travelers of all ages, stages and backgrounds. From budget-friendly travelers to luxury explorers, there is a cruise option available. I love to help my clients discover their options, from Alaskan cruises to European river cruises and Caribbean experiences. I am certified with many of the top luxury cruise lines and can assist you as you select the ship and itinerary that is right for your vacation.

• All-inclusive Resorts — This is the ultimate stress-free vacation, as everything is paid for ahead of time and is covered once you arrive at the resort. You don’t have to worry about a thing! I prefer to recommend resorts and destinations based on my clients interests and preferences for their vacation.

• Hawaiian Vacations — Whether travelers want to take a Hawaiian cruise or a land tour of this tropical paradise, I can help them craft a personalized itinerary that includes cultural immersion opportunities, adventurous excursions and plenty of time on the beach.

My clients frequently ask me about my favorite vacation. While I’ve enjoyed every trip I have taken, I’d have to say that my cruise through the British Isles stands out amongst the rest. Seeing the lush, green countryside from the ocean and exploring the historic ports of call was something I will never forget. I loved interacting and meeting with the locals, who were incredibly friendly. The only thing that disappointed me about this vacation was that I didn’t find the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

I can help you find the perfect itinerary that fits right within your budget. Contact me today to learn more about the exciting and inviting vacation deals that are available now!

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